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As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Lindsay Czarniak has become the latest D.C. sports media personality to take her talents to Bristol. I’ve written about Czarniak quite a bit over the years, as it turns out, so this seems like an appropriate time for a retrospective.

I’m not sure there was ever a more Lindsay moment than the first time she met Mike Shanahan, shortly after he was hired. Shanahan, it would appear, had maybe had a drink or two.

“Nice to meet you,” he said. “Channel 4, right? Ok. We’ll talk.”

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Then there was the time she ate a Strasburger on air, complete with about nine million pickles. Seems like ages ago, right? Then she threw a pickle at her co-host.

“I can’t believe you just hit with me a, you know, dill pickles sting your eyes, did you realize that? Ok, I’m blinded.”

And who could forget the time she called the Caps “the Craps?” Ah, memories.

Or her country music karaoke star turn with Jim Vance at Mike Wise’s annual charity event?

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I must have posted five or 10 “Lunch With Lindsay” segments over the years, perhaps none earlier than this sit-down with Sergei Fedorov, which included tenderloin and mushrooms in sour cream sauce.

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And I absolutely loved her sit-down with Vinny Cerrato and Flip Saunders.

“I’ll have the goat cheese salad,” Cerrato told the waitress. “That’s small, right? With goat cheese?”

Then Cerrato talked about advising Saunders on “good guys, bad guys” in the D.C. media.

“He’s actually hung up on me before, did you know that?” Czarniak asked.

“Absolutely,” Cerrato said.

“He said that you’re always asking him for information but he wants to get some from you and you don’t give him any,” Saunders said.

“Right,” Cerrato said.

“We’re giving you lunch, Vinny,” Czarniak said.

So awesome. Best wishes to Lindsay.