To those of you who might argue that I am shamelessly exploiting the vaguest ridiculous hints of a Redskins quarterback controversy during a lockout merely to generate interest in a blog that has absolutely nothing else to cover during these D.C. sports doldrums, I would ask you this: have you seen my photo gallery of John Beck with dead animals?

Anyhow, Rex Grossman and John Beck have taken markedly different approaches to dealing with the plethora of offensive skill position rookies the Redskins drafted last month. Now, this probably doesn’t matter much, inasmuch as Grossman isn’t technically a Redskin right now and the team isn’t technically doing much of anything as a team, but since the two men discussed their different approaches on Tuesday, figured I might as well pass it along.

Beck: “I just tried to put myself in their shoes. If I was one of them, I would have wanted to know what in the heck’s going on. It was crazy, when I called Roy [Helu Jr.], Roy said ‘Man that’s crazy you called me, because 10 minutes ago I was telling myself, I’ve got to find a way to get a hold of him. I just kind of felt like if I was a rookie that got drafted and I didn’t know what was going on, I would have wanted somebody to call me and say hey this is the plan, this is when we’re getting together, this is what our offense looks like, let me send you something so you can start looking at it.”

Grossman:“I just didn’t feel the urgency, and we knew we were coming up here for this. To be able to talk to them on the phone is great and all, but this is where we’re gonna get a chance to show ‘em the offense, show ‘em how to run the routes....There’s plenty of time for that. All the other extra stuff that sounds good, it is what it is.”

Grossman, though, did have confidence in his skills.

“If I am back here, I just want a chance to compete,” he said. “I’ve been playing quarterback for a while now, I feel like I’m coming into my prime as far as experience and understanding how NFL defenses work and how I play and my strengths and weaknesses. And [I’m looking forward to] being able to go out there and prove that I’m a Super Bowl quarterback again. And I’d like to play better than I did when I went the first time. And I feel like I can do that, and that’s exciting. But this lockout and free agency are the two things holding me back right now.”

Eternal thanks to 106.7 The Fan, which does truly special work getting this audio up so quickly.