Capitals star Alex Ovechkin at the soon-to-open Opera Ultra Lounge on Friday with about 10 teammates. They drank beers and scotch. . . . Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman having sushi and dessert with his wife at Oya on Friday.

Yup, the Capitals star goes ahead of the Redskins starting quarterback in the bold-faced Style section out-and-about column. Strange times.

Also strange: a restaurant bragging about having Rex Grossman in their dining room.

Also odd: this more-detailed Ovechkin item from the Examiner:

He appeared to be with about 10 teammates and the group took up three tables at the club. The players ordered bottles of Blue Moon beer, a bottle of Chivas 18 Scotch, Moet Nectar magnum, Grey Goose magnum and some Patron.

A certain sort of Caps fan just furrowed his brow in distress.