(Evan Vucci/AP)

“You know, it’s strange that people think that’s shocking, to me,” Grossman told Fox 5’s Dave Russ. “Because we’ve got a bunch of great football players on this team. And that’s fine. We can play the underdog role. But I really feel like we have a legitimate chance to win the NFC East, and I’m really excited about this team. So that’s how I feel, and people can react however they want to.”

(The two-part video can be seen here; Redskins rules prevent me from embedding it in this space.)

Ross’s follow-up was sort of about whether this was rhetoric or true from-the-heart belief, and, if you can believe it, Grossman said the latter.

“Every single season there’s adversity, whether it’s injuries or a couple bad games or whatever,” he said. “But whoever fights through that adversity usually makes the playoffs and has a good season. And I feel like we have the teammates and the character and all that to fight through that adversity, along with a bunch of talent and a great offensive scheme and a great defensive scheme. To me, we’ve got to go out and do it, but I think we’re fully capable of winning the East.”

Grossman also addressed his own role on the team, saying “you have to feel like you’re the starter if you’re going out there and competing.”

“I’m looking at this to spark the second half of my career,” he said, “and [to] really take charge of this team and this offense and be extremely productive and ultimately win a world championship.”

Ross also made brief mention of the fan chatter about the size and shape of Grossman’s torso.

“Being the quarterback in any city, people talk about the quarterbacks more than any other position,” he said. “You get scrutinized and all that. Like I said, this is my ninth year in the league. I’m a veteran in many ways of fans and media and all that.”