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His name is Jeff Cernik from Baltimore, and his reasons are as good as any.

“It is hilarious and confused people on opening day,” he explained. “And Tebow is the only one that can save this dreaded franchise.”

Even if Tim Tebow is the closest thing on earth to divine intervention, it would take the real thing to turn the Orioles into a playoff team. Jeff’s surliness is justified.

“I have been an Orioles fan all my life,” he said. “It has been tough, but baseball is my favorite sport. I am 25 (born in 1987), so a winning baseball team has not been common for me during my life so far.”

One would expect Jeff, who paid $80 to have the jersey made for opening day, to get heckled for his choice. He insists it was just the opposite.

“No one gave me a hard time,” he said when I asked if he’d had trouble. “People loved the jersey and thought it was great. Tons of people asked for a picture with me.”