In March, Dan wrote about a movement called “You Can Play”, a public show of support by NHL stars and other athletes for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender players.

George Washington University is supporting the issue on a collegiate level by releasing a video for “You Can Play,” pledging acceptance for all of their student athletes regardless of sexual orientation.

“We are committed to celebrating and supporting LGBT student-athletes,” said Director of Athletics and Recreation Patrick Nero in the video. “Our student-athletes will be judged by the spirit they bring to the game, their support of the teammates and their dedication to GW, not by sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. At GW, if you can play, you can play.”

The video, which features 18 current student athletes, puts GW in the company of some high-profile universities who have made similar public shows of support through “You Can Play,” including the University of Denver, Princeton University, UCLA, University of Connecticut, and Northeastern University.

GW is the first area sports institution, college or pro, to join the “You Can Play” movement.