You know which local college basketball team whose name begins with George had the best week? It wasn’t Georgetown, losers of three straight, or George Mason, which bowed out in the CAA semifinals.

No, the honor goes to George Washington, which won five of its last six to finish with a 10-6 league record, good for the fifth seed in the Atlantic 10 tournament. The final regular-season win came Saturday at home against Dayton; The Post’s account is here. And as so often is the case, the most interesting part came in the notes at the very bottom:

<blockquote>Bob Kasmir, a part-time professor at GW, was honored at halftime for his financial contributions to the university. That didn’t matter to one of the referees, who ejected Kasmir from his courtside seat with 13:45 to play.</blockquote>

Say what? A five-figure donor was ejected by refs on the same day he was honored by the school? I’d read 600 words just on that, for sure.

Kasmir declined to comment to me, but the GW student paper talked to him after Saturday’s game. This right here is a fantastic blog post. Here’s the money part:

From his sideline seat on the court, Robert Kasmir yelled at the referee over a foul call on sophomore forward David Pellom, prompting his removal from the court by a member of the athletics department.

“Basically, I told the ref he was the worst ref I’d ever seen and he wasn’t worth the $1,600 dollars they were paying him and that was it,” Kasmir said. “And then he ejected me from the game....I think the official should never be allowed to officiate another game in the Atlantic 10, in college basketball, in the United States.”

Now, I wasn’t there, and I don’t know the referee’s side, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to live in a country where you’re not allowed to tell a ref that he’s the worst ref you’ve ever seen.