(Mike Groll/AP)

During last week’s press conference to discuss the BB&T Classic, new GW coach Mike Lonergan was asked about the significance of playing in the longtime event, and his answer included a transportation nugget.

“Our players, they probably know [the significance] more than I do ,because I’ve been gone for six years and they’ve been here,” Lonergan said. “So I know they talk about how exciting it is to play in an NBA arena, just a different venue. I know they’ll be motivated and very excited to go over there. And we’re gonna take the Metro over. Being right here from D.C., kind of be a neat thing for our guys. Take advantage of public transportation.”

“You’ll get there quicker,” Maryland coach Mark Turgeon pointed out.

Then Turgeon answered the same question, without mentioning whether the Terps would be boarding the green line in College Park.

“Like Mike said, our players know more about it than I do, even though we have a young roster,” Turgeon said. “But we’ll talk about it that week. We won’t talk about it today, but that week when we’re preparing for the game we’ll talk about the children’s charities and where the money goes and what happens because we’re in this game. And they should feel good that they’re a part of something like this. We’ll try to educate them on that situation and make them feel good.”

The BB&T, of course, is a John Feinstein production, and if you’d like to watch Feinstein emcee a press conference, the video is here. If you’d like to buy tickets, the link is here. And if you’re wondering what Feinstein’s relationship with Turgeon will be, seeing as how Gary Williams kept this tournament afloat, well, you can probably guess.

“I was told I didn’t have a choice from John, that I had to play in it for many years to come,” Turgeon said.