(Stew Milne/AP)

“Well, you know what, all said and done, hell, I’d give that money back and then come here," Haynesworth said, when talking about signing with the Redskins.

Sure he would. The man who accepted that 2010 option bonus even when he knew he would subsequently refuse to play the position the Redskins wanted him to play while throwing away a year of his prime would just give back that money to go elsewhere.

Here’s more from NESN’s Jeff Howe:

When pressed about the differences between New England and Washington, Haynesworth said, “You name it,” and “You can pull them out of the sky.” His respect for Bill Belichick has been starkly different from his heated battles  with Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan, who, ironically, has long since been one of Belichick’s better friends.

“You don't have to watch your back or anything like that,” Haynesworth said about playing for the Patriots. “You know everybody is here for you, and I really enjoy that. I know my head coach is for me. I know my owner is for me. I know my players are for me. I feel relaxed. I’m having fun again. I’m having fun playing football again.”

According to ESPN Boston, Patriots owner Robert Kraft said Haynesworth has been “a gentleman” and is “a very likable fellow,” which is the one word that always pops into my mind when thinking about Haynesworth. Also, the lineman is trying to draw others into his NE-Washington comparison stuff.

“[Andre Carter and I] were talking, just about how different it is, how we really like this place,” said Haynesworth, again according to ESPN Boston. “For me, it’s a career-saving place for me to come. I had no idea it would be like this. It’s unbelievable. I wish I kinda took two years ago and came here.”

So do several hundred thousand Redskins fans.