Apparently some media members still aren’t convinced by Rex Grossman as starting quarterback of the 1-0 Redskins. Here, for example, is Bob Ford in the Philadelphia Inquirer, who believes the Eagles should sweep the NFC East this season. Here are some of his thoughts:

The Redskins beat a disorganized New York Giants team and came away from the game with the always dangerous belief that Rex Grossman is the man for the quarterback job in Washington....

In no particular order, the Giants are old and injured, the Cowboys are serial underachievers and the Redskins are, well, they are still the Redskins. The Eagles have their issues, too, plenty of them, but they should be favored in every division game this season and there is no reason they can't sweep this bunch....

As for Grossman, he can be forgiven, too. How would he know how to properly celebrate a win? And, anyway, let him enjoy himself until he becomes Rex Grossman again and the Redskins become the Redskins again. After a season in which the 'Skins blamed all their troubles on McNabb, they could lose next Sunday because of Kevin Kolb. There's a certain wonderful symmetry there.

The hate runs strong in this one.

Anyhow, for a kinder assessment of Rex, let’s turn to former player and NFL Network analyst Heath Evans, who was on 106.7 The Fan Tuesday morning. He was planning the design for his Rexy tattoo. The Junkies asked him if this might become the Same Old Rex at some point.

“Skins fans hope that he is about 90 percent of Same Old Rex,” Evans said. “He’s a competitor. He’s smart.  He knows how to challenge a defense at times.  He is a man’s type man. 

“He’s got a toughness to him. He’s got an edge to him. There’s a lot of things about Rex that, heck, I learned about playing against him at Florida when I was at Auburn that you love about this kid. But Shanahan’s a great coach, and if people are willing to mature, that’s the question.

“Most people when we get old, we get kind of stuck in our ways. We don’t want to listen, we don’t want to be coachable. I think Rex has proven to Shanahan that hey, I’m an open book, whatever you need to change, I’ll change. Whatever I need to learn, I’ll learn. And that’s what you want out of your quarterback, whether they’re 31 or 21.”

That, plus a man’s-type man.