(By Harry How - Getty.)

As I wrote in 2008, Sajak “grew up a Blackhawks fan in the Stan Mikita/Bobby Hull Era, adopted the Kings when he lived in SoCal during the Gretzky Era, and then moved to this area nearly a decade ago and slowly warmed to the Caps. At first he went to their games ‘because that was the team that was in the area, and I’m hockey fan,’ but as the Ovechkin Era dawned (and Sajak’s son became a teenager) the attachment grew.”

Still, Sajak — as far as I know — maintained his Kings season tickets, since he’s in Southern California so often to tape Wheel of Fortune episodes. And he was supporting both the Caps and the Kings during some very lean years last decade.

So you can hardly blame him for showing up in good seats with the Kings on the verge of a Cup. Doesn’t make him a traitor or anything.

(See an SI photo of Sajak actually cheering for the Kings here.)