(Courtesy Elevation)

Also, there is a custom-made Kegasus costume, meaning the character will make several Baltimore-area appearances in the run-up to the May 21 race, including at the Orioles’ Opening Day.

Also, the race and its ad partner “in no way” condone excessive alcohol consumption, I was told.

“Once you get to meet the guy and his personality, he’s very endearing,” promised Jim Learned, president of Elevation, which also spearheaded last year’s “Get Your Preak On” campaign. “I think once the body of work comes out – the billboards, the radio and TV ads -- people will see that it absolutely has a huge lightheartedness to it. And that was the goal: festiveness and civility living in harmony.”

Kegasus “is targeted to the younger demographic that frankly are there for the party more than the horse racing,” Learned also noted. “There’s something for everybody in the Preakness, and that’s sort of the beauty and the charm of the event.”

Just listen to the ad, and everything will become clear. Maybe.