This whole thing made Ahmad Rashad gush over their humility during a recent NBC Sports Network piece on “The First Word With Ahmad Rashad.” (Video below.) So RGIII’s mom then turned around and opened up the cabinet.

“If football doesn’t work out, I can go this way with my degree that I’m gonna get in grad school, with film and digital media,” Griffin said. “Or I can go to law school and try to be a lawyer with my political science undergrad degree....

“As a football player you need to understand complex schemes, so what better way to do that than in the classroom?” he continued. “It might not be something that you ever use in life, but the fact that you can understand that helps you on the field, because now you can understand Cover-2, Cover-4. All those different schemes can come to you a lot faster because you worked hard in the classroom.”

And then Rashad asked him about writing poetry.

“Guys always give me a hard time about it,” Griffin said. “It’s not like before I come see you I’m writing sonnets or anything. I’m not doing that. I wrote the song for my fiancee that I sung to her when we got engaged, and she liked it. I’m not talking about going mainstream or anything. I’m not trying to be a rapper or anything like that, but you’ve got to know how to unwind.”

(Via Reader Mateo.)