And so it was that MASN’s Nats play-by-play man Bob Carpenter was fooled two days in a row, by two Nats fly balls that turned into two Nats home runs.

No disrespect intended, but these were two unusual home run calls.

First came Ian Desmond, on Wednesday night, as seen above.

“Desmond gets under that one and flies it to center,” Carpenter began. “Fowler going back and back and back, and did he get it? He has the ball at the yellow line, 415 feet. No, he doesn’t. It’s a home run. Sorry. How ‘bout that? Ian Desmond, right over the glove of Dexter Fowler.”

“Michael Morse gets under this one, but we’ve seen fly balls like this get out of here,” Carpenter began. “And it is right up against the yellow line, and caught by Fowler. Or did he? The crowd thinks he caught it, and Michael Morse is rounding the bases. It is 7-5.”

Yes, you should feel free to bring this up next time I make a mistake.