I’ve already posted plenty of photos of the Nationals as Smurfs, plus the behind-the-scenes video, but I can’t recall hearing any veterans actually describe the idea’s inception.

And thus, here’s Michael Morse, on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk:

“Alex Cora came up with the best idea I’ve EVER been a part of, which was why don’t we dress em up as Smurfs,” Morse recalled. “Jayson Werth was [like], Yeah, Yeah!, let’s do it. And he was like if we’re gonna do it, we’re gonna do it right. We’re gonna get them airbrushed blue, we had a lady that comes in and airbrushed them. She came in and airbrushed them.”

Then they showed a few new photos of the Smurfs, seen above, as Morse narrated.

“Danny Espinosa right there, you can tell by the abs, the big chest. Head to toe Smurfs right there. Jock strap, got a cup on, and he’s a little mad right here because he just put the blue on, a little sticky, got to let it dry. Then you’ve got Strasburg right here, he’s Papa Smurf. Look at that. I mean, that’s beautiful right there.”

“The greatest part about it, we’re coming here to New York and we took the train. You’re going on a train now, no shirt on, in tights, with a jock strap and a cup. I had music playing, I had the Smurfs theme song going. Look at that, it’s beautiful. You’ve got costumes all the time, but this is airbrushed. AIR BRUSHED. The guys had a great time with it. It was awesome. It went so good. we went to the train station, people were just going nuts, we had the music playing, the guys were walking, they had their sunglasses on, shirts off, necklaces out.”

Plus, they were airbrushed.

(Via @MissChatter)