The Redskins have spent several weeks notifying thousands of season-ticket holders with 400-level end zone seats that their seats no longer exist. Some fans have reached out to me in frustration over this process, while others have praised the team and its handling of the situation.

But until this week, I hadn’t actually seen the e-mail announcing to fans that their seats had changed. And thus, here it is:


The Redskins have recently begun a stadium renovation project that will significantly enhance the fan experience at FedExField, also resulting in an improvement in your seat location. The renovation will:

Decrease the amount of traffic and parking congestion getting to and from the stadium

Decrease the wait time in the Upper Level for concessions and restrooms

As a result of the renovation, we have eliminated several thousand seats in each of the Upper Level Endzones of the stadium. Your seats have been relocated closer to midfield at or near the same row in which your old end zone seats were located, at no additional cost. To view your new 2011 season ticket locations, visit

If you’re having trouble viewing your new seat location, click the Account Settings tab under Quick Links and select View/Pay Invoices.

The Redskins appreciate your flexibility as we complete these stadium improvements, which we believe will benefit all of our fans for many years to come. If you have any questions regarding your seat location, please contact our Ticket Office at 301-276-6050 or by email at

The only thing I’d say about the note is this: by openly bragging that reducing stadium capacity will decrease traffic and parking congestion and upper-level wait times, the team is also acknowledging that the Daniel Snyder-led increase in stadium capacity made all of those things worse. And I don’t remember fans ever receiving an e-mailed apology about that. So it’s sort of hard to break out the hosannas in 2011.