I know Tony Kornheiser has been a frequent critic of Gilbert Arenas over the years, but listening to an interview with ESPN book author Jim Miller on the Dan Patrick Show, I realized that the two men have one trait in common: grudge-holding.

Here’s Miller, talking to Patrick

“You know, I’ll tell you a funny thing about Tony holding grudges. So he was suspended twice. The first time he was suspended he got a letter from Steve Anderson, who is one of the top executives at ESPN, and Tony carries that letter with him at all times. So when I interviewed him – I’m not kidding — when I interviewed him he said would you like to see the letter? And I thought he was gonna say I’ll email it to you sometime. It’s in the bag. So he pulls it out. He had no idea I was gonna ask him the question or whatever. He said I carry this with me at all times. I mean, that’s holding a grudge.”

And here’s Gilbert, from that famous Esquire profile:

The subject steps out of his dressing closet holding a list he keeps there of every player in the 2001 NBA draft who was selected ahead of him. All thirty. He runs his fingers down the page. He has scratched out each player who is no longer in the league. “Hmpff,” he says, pausing on a name. “I got to get the pencil out. Utah. Raul Lopez? Ain’t seen him much lately.”

Anyone who carries around the piece of paper is a professional grudge holder.