And now, here’s athletes inviting other athletes to do stuff.

@RGIII Sendin out a personal invitation to you and any other skins to come check out a game, any time your available.

— Ian Desmond (@IanDesmond20) June 19, 2012

@RGIII cool lemme know when you wanna come out. Get you in the clubhouse meet the guys, take batting practice whatever. Some Nats socks too

— Ian Desmond (@IanDesmond20) June 19, 2012

Points to Desmond for the offer of socks. Between this and his anthem tradition proposal, he’s becoming the Nats’ goodwill ambassador.

As far as the offer to “meet the guys,” I don’t know if the DMV is ready for Bryce Harper and RGIII in the same locker room at the same time.


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