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Sure, Werth isn’t afraid to talk publicly about the issue, and no one else has been nearly so vocal, but Werth had co-conspirators when he attempted to take matters into his own hands last season. He can’t be the only one.

Sure enough.

“Do you think Teddy should win a president’s race?” someone asked Ian Desmond on Twitter last week.

“ABSOLUTELY!!!!” Desmond responded.

That’s a whole lot of yes in one word. You don’t need a blogger to know which way the wind blows, Nats officials. Make it happen.

Actually, Desmond engaged in a one-night binge of Twitter Q&A last week, which included several other notable responses. I’ll make ‘em easier to read; see his Twitter page for more.

Q: Are u excited to hv Mikey coming back soon?

Desmond: Excited to see him slam his helmet when he rounds the bases. Before I take his helmet off.

Q: I need a date to prom, what do you say?

Desmond: I’ll talk to Bryce.

Q: What’s your favorite TV show?

Desmond: My TV stays on MLB Network.

Q: What’s your favorite baseball movie?

Desmond: For the Love of the Game.

Q: What’s the best thing the fans can do for you at the park?

Desmond: Pay attention to the game!!!!

Q: Do you have #natitude?

Desmond: Yo tengo nattitude!!!!

Q: Do you read books?

Desmond: Favorite book: Freakanomics.

Q: What’s still on your to do/visit/see in DC list?

Desmond: I don’t even know how to get around DC yet.

Q: What Avenger are you most like?

Desmond: What’s an avenger?

Q: Hey man, what’s your preference in chew while on the diamond?

Desmond: Double Bubble.

Q: What stadium do you like the best to play at besides National Park?

Desmond: Citizens Bank Park.

Q: What’s your thoughts in the crowd doing the wave during a tie game?

Desmond: I’m just glad they are there. We need support!