Ian Desmond took a moment on Twitter to get a little patriotic. While he didn’t offer his own opinion on Orioles fans yelling “Oh!” during the anthem, he did propose a Nats version of the tradition.

O’s fans yell O during National Anthem, Nats fans should sing the whole thing. Would be a great tradition in the Nations Capitol. Thoughts?

— Ian Desmond (@IanDesmond20) June 13, 2012

40,000 singing national anthem would be very American

— Ian Desmond (@IanDesmond20) June 13, 2012

Responses ranged from doubtful to positive to sarcastic, but Desmond has vowed to not only work with the front office to encourage the practice, but to also lead the charge on the field.

“@mendedheart83: @IanDesmond20 We will sing if you do- it IS the NATIONAL anthem! Great game tonight!” consider it done!

— Ian Desmond (@IanDesmond20) June 13, 2012

I will be very impressed with Desmond’s influence if he can get 40,000 fans on board tonight, what with this being the biggest series in the history of all Nats series. Also, fans at soccer games are known for singing in unison, and you have to admit that this sounds pretty cool:

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