Saturday was a good day to be a Washington sports fan. The Nats won their fifth straight to stay in first place in the NL East with a 7-2 record. D.C. United won a road game against New England on a pair of lovely goals. And the Caps earned a double-overtime win in Boston to come home with their series tied at 1.

“Between the #Nats and #Caps, that 10-minute span was probably the highest I’ve ever been as a DC sports fan,” one fan wrote on Twitter, and lots of people expressed similar sentiments. (Though you’d obviously have to be not a Maryland basketball fan and not a Redskins fan to feel this way.)

There were even multiple reports of Nats fans chanting “Let’s Go Caps” at Nats Park during the closing stages of the baseball game, which is terrific.

All these words, by the way, are filler, just an excuse to post this image of a giant inflatable Washington Capitals player that showed up in Georgetown. If anyone can offer additional details about this one, please e-mail me promptly. Thanks. More photos below, including one from between the dude’s legs.

(Via @bachledova via @BrooksLaichYear)