Since Wednesday’s item about the Redskins ranking 121st out of 122 North American pro teams in ESPN The Mat’s annual Ultimate Ratings has been among our most-read links for 24 hours, I thought a follow-up was in order.

I was curious about what categories the Skins did poorest in, and the answer was “most of them.”

The Skins were 112th in “Bang-For-Buck,” measuring wins against the cost of being a fan.

The Skins were 121st in Fan Relations, including 118th in players acting professionally, 118th in players and owners demonstrating appreciation toward fans, 119th in player accessibility, and 121st in offering avenues for fan feedback.

(The Caps, incidentally, ranked sixth in both appreciation and accessibility, and 2nd in fan feedback.)

The Redskins were 112th in Ownership, with rankings of 115th in honesty and 111th in loyalty.

(The Caps were 6th in ownership, including 5th in loyalty. The Wizards, on the other hand, were 68th in ownership, which seems odd.)

The Redskins ranked 121st in Affordability, finishing second-to-last in tickets, concessions and parking.

(The Nats ranked 34th in ticket pricing.)

The Redskins ranked 112th in Stadium Experience, dragged down by 121st ratings in the fan promotions/giveaways and fan-friendly environment categories.

(The Caps were 13th in the latter category.)

The Redskins were 118th in the Players category, including 120th in likability and tied for 117th in effort. The Wizards were barely better: 119th in likability and tied for 117th in effort.

(The Caps were 4th in likability, but only 34th in effort.)

No Washington team had a notable finish in the Coaching or Title Track categories.

As for the writeup about the Redskins, it started cheap (“In DC, only the Redskins could envy Congress’ 18 percent approval rating”) and ended cheaper (“All we can say is, hang in there Hog fans. Anything else might get us a day in court.”)

Two more nuggets:

* As both William F. Yurasko and For Love of the Nationals have pointed out, the rankings include the Orioles and Ravens as D.C.-area teams, but not the Nationals. That seems off.

* When the Wizards finished 120th out of 122nd in these ESPN rankings a year ago, we all blogged about it, and Ted Leonsis responded with a blog post of his own, titled We Still Have Lots of Work to Do.

“ESPN has a tough criterion,” he wrote. “We want to improve. We want to serve our communities and our customers well. We want to win as well. We have work to do. No rest for the weary. We hear you all on this poll.”

So I figured I should ask the Redskins if they had a comment about being 121st. I was told they did not have a comment.

Note: Due to a typo, this item originally said the Redskins ranked 221st overall.