Tony Kornheiser hasn’t been doing much writing since his columnettes disappeared from The Post’s sports section back in the Monday Night Football days. I think many of us would like to still read Tony Kornheiser, though, if he decided he had things to write about.

Count Bill Simmons in that group. The columnist, podcast host, serial Tweeter and boss-in-chief of the soon-to-be-launched was discussing his recruitment of William Goldman with Mike Lupica on this week’s podcast. Lupica said Goldman was almost good to go.

“[Goldman] and Kornheiser are both so terrified to stare at that blank Microsoft Word Document,” Simmons said. “Once you get out of that habit, they’re so afraid to go back.”

Hmmm. So Simmons has been talking to Kornheiser about blank Microsoft Word documents?

“And Tony Kornheiser is such a good writer, as my kids would say, it’s stupid. And he ought to be writing somewhere,” Lupica said.

“I agree with you,” Simmons said.

I asked Simmons if he was actually trying to get Kornheiser to write for

"Yes," he replied, via e-mail.

Hey, all the cool kids are doing it.

(Via Word on the Street)