But former Wake Forest guard Ish Smith calls it the toughest in a recent interview with Yahoo Sports’s The Dagger.

“I know people will automatically say Cameron and we never won in Cameron, but Cameron was fun to play in,” he told Yahoo's Jeff Eisenberg, when asked the toughest arena question. “So I’d have to say Maryland. Their fans are great, but they have no filter. That’s what makes it special and that’s why players hate playing there. Duke fans come up with different things and they’re really, really clever. But at Maryland, they do whatever it takes to get you off your game.”

He seems to have forgotten the “Maryland fans are really, really clever, too,” part, but no matter.

Byrd Stadium, on the other hand, would not often be first or second on a list of the ACC’s toughest football venues. Or third, probably. Or fourth. Or fifth.

But if you’d like to experience Byrd yourself, Groupon has a deal for you. The discount site is offering an upper deck ticket and a Maryland t-shirt for $22, less than half the retail price. As of this writing, the deal had been available for more than two hours, and only 108 purchases were made.