Jabar Gaffney scored Washington’s first touchdown on Sunday. Then he ran toward the fans in the end zone, and leaped, a move later repeated by David Anderson and Josh Wilson.

Fans on Twitter debated whether this should be called “the Landover Leap” or the “FedEx Flop,” the first of which strikes me as too derivative and the second as too corporate. Plus, it’s hard to have a lovable touchdown celebration when you’re 4-9.

Anyhow, Kelli Johnson asked Gaffney about the move during Comcast SportsNet’s postgame show.

“All the receivers, we was gonna jump into the stands with every touchdown today,” the receiver replied. “And I think I went a little bit too high. I missed the ledge and I went over and I just ended up in the seat. It was a lot more comfortable in the seat, though.”

Ah, but there was more to it than that. Let’s go to the screengrab machine.

“I would say at least half (of the crowd) was New England fans, so that was cool,” Rob Gronkowski told the Washington Times.

(Images via @RecordsANDRadio)