Earlier Thursday, Washington wide receiver Jabar Gaffney was in national headlines after a profanity-laced string of bizarre Tweets showed up on his Twitter feed. This briefly made Gaffney the top trending topic in the world.

(For headlines, see NFL.com, CBSSports.com, SB Nation, The Big Lead, Deadspin, National Football Post, Yahoo, Mashable, and heavens know how many other Web sites.)

By Thursday night, Gaffney’s Twitter account was no more. But before he pledged to delete it, he sent out a few explanations, claiming that his account was hacked and asking for privacy. In chronological order:

●The last thing I actually tweeted was about my tatt anything else wasn’t me

●This is the real Jabar and my acct was hacked that wasn’t me saying all of that so disreguard whatever u read

●Anybody that knows me for real knows if I said it or not I’m not on no twitter beef so believe what u want.God bless u all

●I got Lito number if I wanna tell him something I can call him up I just saw him the other day

●My girl we handle our business in house so I respectfully ask u all not to come at me sideways and let me handle my business

●And last thing if I said something I’m a man and will admit to it never been scared of nobody so all the big bad people in the world #Growup

●I don’t even tweet so why would one of my 100 tweets be about a dude I grew up with or about the girl I’m married to get a life people

●But this me saying this don’t [bleeping] disrespect my family. And me and my boy Lito are cool. End of discussion hope y’all had fun with it

●I’m super educated and blessed by the man upstairs and just so this never happens again I’m deleting twitter so now if u c my name it’s fake

Well, that was exciting. Wait, let me instead quote Brandon Banks.

“Twitter has been really entertaining today!!!!!!” Banks wrote.