(Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

* “We got to do our job with whoever is in there. We run our routes and carry out our assignments no matter who the quarterback is. Their job is to throw the ball, and our job is to catch.”

* “Rex is real calm out on the field. He's a calm person. When you get out on the field with him, he knows what he has to do. He has 10 other players on the field working with him, trying to accomplish the same goal, to get into the end zone. He knows we’ve got his back and he’s with us.”

* “Rex is a hard worker. He doesn’t get buckled up under the pressure and fold. He’s going to try to make things happen.”

* “He has confidence in me and I have confidence in him.”

And now, 11 years later, people are again asking Gaffney about the level of confidence he has in Rex Grossman.

“We’re 100 percent behind Rex,” Gaffney said Wednesday on ESPN 980’s Sports Fix, when asked about Grossman’s turnovers. “We’re confident in him. He’s the guy. He’s out there trying to make plays. We respect that as a team, the coaches respect that. As long as we can start getting better in that area, everything will be fine.”

Then Gaffney was asked whether Grossman hears the criticism.

“Nah, he doesn’t pay any attention to it,” the receiver said. “At Florida, every week it was who’s gonna be quarterback. And now it’s the same; you hear about it whenever he makes a mistake. But he gives people a chance to make plays. He’s a competitor, he’s trying to make plays. That’s all it is. Interceptions are a part of the game. You don’t want it. It hasn’t really cost us yet, and hopefully it’ll be under control before it does cost us.”