Somehow, in a week that saw both Redskins fans and Mickey Rourke embracing Rex Grossman, the weirdest Redskins story of the week did not involve a disgraced former quarterback. No, it involved a disgraced former lobbyist.

Yes, that’s right, Jack Abramoff has a Redskins connection, and was a FedEx Field suite holder, which he detailed in his new book. Via TPM via Huff Post:

I was one of [Dan Snyder’s] larger customers, but I had a number of frustrations with the amenities of the facility. Since my primary purpose was to entertain clients and the powerful people who could impact their lives, and since I was spending a fortune, I didn’t hold back on my critique. One of my main suggestions was that he convert the choice location the press commanded close to the field to prime suites and catapult the media to the upper reaches of the stadium. The final item on my long list of suggestions was that he should try to change the offensive name of the team.

Abramoff further writes that he asked Snyder “how he would feel if the New York Jew Boys band had a uniform of black hats and prayer shawls,” and that, by changing the name, Snyder could “immediately establish himself as a moral leader in our nation’s capital.”

(Is this real life?)

Abramoff goes on to explain that Snyder called him after receiving the letter and was “decent, honest and straightforward” while explaining that he couldn’t bring himself to change the name due to his childhood love of the team.

Still, “he was kind and gracious, not the imperious brat the media had portrayed him to be,” Abramoff writes.

So yeah. That evidently happened.