The issue of non-existent late night metrorail service has been a hot topic, especially with the probability of a Nats playoff appearance. WMATA has stated that they would need a deposit for the $29,000 per hour extra costs to run late, and the Nats have cited MLB concerns about setting a precedent as their reason for not paying for the service.

D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans is promising fans that a solution will be in place to ensure that no fan will miss a playoff pitch.

“Here’s what I can assure you, the Metro system will stay open as late as we need it to get everyone home. That I can assure you,” Evans told WTOP.

Evans gave no indication who would pay for the service, only a “because I am making it happen” response when asked why he was offering such a guarantee.

With playoff starts scheduled for an hour or more later than in the regular season, fans using Metro to attend a weekday game would run the risk of being forced to leave early or be stranded in the event of lengthy play.

With no further explanations, it’s unclear whether Evans can actually keep this promise.


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