When I posted Jake Plummer’s critical comments about Mike Shanahan earlier this week, a bunch of people found it distasteful, and asked if I will now obsessively post every negative thing any former Shanahan player says about their former coach.

So, to those readers, I give you this. It's Jake Plummer, talking to Fox Sports Arizona during the Arizona-Arizona State game. Reporter Jody Jackson asked Plummer whether he misses being in the NFL, and the former quarterback answered like this.

“Yeah I do,” he said. “You know, I miss it really bad now, because there’s some teams that are kind of bucking the trend. Like, they’re running the option in Denver. I mean, Cam Newton is changing the whole entire game, and he’s not being forced by a coach to be in a box. I don’t need to say names, but I was forced to kind of do what I didn’t feel comfortable doing. And I think that now in the NFL, these coaches want to win. So Tebow runs the option, let’s win with that. It’s awesome.”

“I don’t need to say names” is not particularly subtle, in my estimation.

(Via @CarlPutnam)