And thus, here’s CBS’s James Brown, on Monday’s LaVar and Dukes Show, when asked whether he’s ever seen anything quite like the offseason ascension of John Beck. You’ll notice he prefers to talk about McNabb.

“Gosh Chad, let me try to answer that by going back to the whole Donovan McNabb situation,” Brown said. “I may, as a broadcaster, as a fan, whatever, radically disagree with what Coach Shanahan decides to do. But you know what, he’s got the keys to the franchise, it’s his call to make, whether I agree or disagree. And you know what, I think it’s an atypical move, to say the least. But as I learned from Sparky Anderson — God bless him — many years ago, he says he never comments about another manager’s handling of his team, because HE knows the personalities and the subtleties and nuances far better.

“So I’m going to assume that’s the case here with Mike Shanahan, and I do have respect for what he has accomplished. What I had a problem with — and I’m just being honest about it, I have no problems with him as a person — what I had a problem with was the way in which the whole Donovan McNabb situation was handled.

“You know what, he runs that show, he didn’t have to give an excuse at all. But when you have a changing excuse each day, then that’s what really led me to believe that something’s amiss here. You just don’t go about handling things that way. But in terms of his personnel moves, it makes for great conversation. I don’t necessarily buy [Beck as the starter], but hey, he’s the coach, and he’s forgotten more football than I’ll ever know, so I’ll acknowledge that.”