This video recap of the kiss between Jan Vesely and his girflriend after the Wizards announced their first-round pick Thursday night makes me proud to be an Internet writer. Kyle Weidie from Truth About It made something that could only have been accomplished by being in New Jersey, and he did it with some grace and humor.

Plus, it’s kind of fascinating.

“It was big moment for me and for my family,” Vesely explained. “So, I don’t know, it was casual, how do you say it?”

“I am shocked,” Eva, the girlfriend, said of the instant reaction. “I don’t want to go back there because they are screaming at me.”

Eva [long last name] also said that Vesely’s father was her elementary school geography teacher, and that she’s a better free-throw shooter than Jan is, and that “we make fun that he shoots free-throws with closed eyes....My free throws are not very good, but still better.”

Then they kissed again.