A certain local sports-radio program this week was discussing whether or not Jan Vesely is a bust. Now, I’m all for snap analysis and stirring the pot and hating everything, but that’s dumb. Vesely is 21 has played like six weeks of NBA basketball. Through his first six weeks of professional basketball, Jeremy Lin wasn’t much of anything. Now he’s on the cover of SI.

Anyhow, I’ll leave it to others to discuss Vesely’s defense of the high pick and roll, and will instead cheaply display two highlights from the team’s most recent game, that big win in Detroit. Above, Vesely gets up pretty high and blocks a shot like 20 feet, nearly into the scorer’s table. Below, via Truth About It, he gets a steal and a fast-break dunk.

Like one commenter on the first video put it, “přesně táák like boss.”

For sure.