And the oddest part about that haul is that it contains as many guys from the Czech Republic (3) as it does from America (3) or Canada (2).

Add in Michal Neuvirth, and within one two-week span, D.C. has been transformed into perhaps the Czechiest pro sports town in North America. These aren’t bit parts, either; we’re talking about the hockey team’s top two goalies, a top-four defenseman and an NBA lottery pick. Russia House is so 2010; someone find me the best Czech dining establishment in D.C.

Which means we’re all going to need to familiarize ourselves with Czech Web sites. To that end, let me point you to two more Vesely-in-translation pieces from LUKE_MELLOW, who is monitoring the Czech-language coverage of Vesely.

In this piece, Vesely talks about his lockout options, saying “I hope we start playing by the end of year. I will talk to my agent about all possible scenarios. Even playing in Europe if there is a long lockout.”And in this longer Q&A, Vesely answers key questions such as what he would bring to the wedding of Petar Bozic, who captained his Partizan Belgrade squad.

“I still have a lot of time. I was not intrigued by anything in Washington; moreover I didn’t think it was exactly the best idea to carry something across the ocean. I’ll pick something here, in Czech Republic....Perhaps Ostrava sausage. Just something traditional, something that has connection with Ostrava.”

And despite the above quote, Vesely seems optimistic about labor peace.

“I think that they find an agreement sooner, everything will be okay and there will be no reduction of games,” he told “Even with less games, nothing terrible happens. I don’t care how many games I play in my first season, I’m mainly looking forward to my premiere game.”

I’m looking forward to his premiere suit, personally. I hope it involves 17 colors of plaid.