Above, Vesely presents a man I assume is Krause with a Wizards jersey, possibly the first time this has ever happened on the Jana Krause Show.

Below, Vesely and a man I assume is Krause watch a video of Vesely making out with his girlfriend at the NBA draft. Then they laughed. And talked in a language I don’t understand.

Luckily, here is a translation of a recent Vesely diary for a Czech Web site, via Truth About It.

I have to say that the first year in the NBA was a vast experience for me. I never lost so many games in a season, and dealing with that was difficult.

No no, too depressing.

Since we didn’t advance to the playoffs, I’m rooting for Washington’s NHL team. I had a chance to meet with the Capitals hockey players several times and to see their games as well. Now they have a valuable scalp of Boston, and I’ll continue to keep my fingers crossed for them.

That’s better. Read the full interview at Truth About It. And the full video of Vesely’s appearance, via @Luke_Mellow, is on YouTube.