“Not really,” he said.

Then he continued.

“You know, it’s just a matter of sticking with our system. We couldn’t get into a run-and-gun session. We had to play solid in our own zone and hopefully a goal would go in for us. When you get away from your system and try to get into run-and-gun, bad things always happen. I think this team in the past has gotten into too many run-and-gun games, and I think that’s why they changed their system. Just a few words of advice between the periods, and not a whole lot. I think everybody knew what we had to do.”

Just a few words. Nothing important.

Arnott — who assisted on the game winner — was also asked about that sequence.

“I just saw their D was gonna dump it out and I caught it,” he began. “I was actually thinking about shooting it, and then I saw Sash open up and threw it across. I mean, any time you get it anywhere near him, he finds a way to either put it in the net or get a good shot off. That was the only way we were gonna beat Lundqvist. He played extremely well tonight ,and the only way you can do that is go side-to-side on him, and Sash made a good shot.”

And Arnott — who has taken a particular interest in Semin this spring — was also asked about the enigmatic enigma that is Good Sasha/Bad Sasha.

“Well, you get a guy like that scoring, you get his confidence up,” Arnott said. “He’s very talented. We’re just still working on him in the defensive zone, and that’s more important than anything else. You just try to tell him, play solid defensively and goals will come and offensive opportunities will come. And he’s starting to get that.”