Jason Arnott has played five games with the Capitals. In those five games, Alex Semin has three goals, two assists and is a +5, often playing on a line with Arnott. So Thursday, 106.7 The Fan’s Holden Kushner asked Arnott if he said something to cause this change in Semin.

“You know what, I’ve talked to him a lot,” Arnott said. “I got to know a little bit about him just coming here from other guys, that he was a little different cat. He’s very very talented, but for me, I just don’t know if guys took the time enough to talk to him enough and make him feel a part of everything, and also get on him when he does things wrong. I think he needs the corrections and a little more discipline in his game, and he needs to know how important he is to this team to win. So it’s just little things. I’ve been talking to him every day, and communication between linemates, it just helps a lot.”

Then Mike Wise joked about Semin only understanding English when he likes the message.

“I think his English is just fine,” Arnott said. “There’s some things that he doesn’t understand here and there, but for the most part he communicates well. You just talk to him like a friend and like a teammate, and hopefully he has enough respect for you that he will listen and give his two cents as well....You can’t always be on him about everything. You’ve got to let him go. He’s a talented kid and a special player, and you’ve got to let him do his thing. He just needs a little guidance here and there, someone to talk to every day and have fun with.”

Then Arnott revealed that he was eating lunch with Alex Ovechkin as he did this interview. This after eating dinner with Ovechkin the night before.

“He’s got a lot of questions, and he’s a great guy,” Arnott said. “He’s one of the superstars in our league, that really wants to win and wants to learn from older guys and take everything in he can. And it’s a pleasure playing with stars like that, because a lot of guys will think they’re either too good for the game or too good to learn. And this guy here just wants to suck all the knowledge he can, and he just wants to win. And when you get a guy like that, it’s a pleasure.

As for who was picking up the lunch tab, “I’m gonna pay today. He paid for dinner last night,” Arnott said.

“We’re gonna probably split the bill,” Ovechkin chimed in. “When we have one fancier, probably he’s gonna pay.”