Yes, this is now the fourth blog item I’ve written about the offhanded remarks of a guy who never played an actual football game for the Redskins. Sue me.

Jason Campbell was on Pro Football Talk Live this week, where he was asked about Willie Parker’s accusation that the Redskins “weren’t about football; they were about partying and stuff like that.”

“I know the guys really wanted to win when I was there,” Campbell said. “I was a guy, I pretty much didn’t [go] out much. I was the guy that pretty much went to the job, went home. But there’s always things, and you can say that in a lot of ways, a lot of places. Willie was there this past year and I’m not sure how things were while he was there.

“I know there was a lot of guys that I did play with that was there, a lot of guys wanted to win and a lot of guys were family guys, and there was also guys that you had that liked to go out a lot and liked to go to parties and stuff.

“But you can only control what you can do and try to control what you can. But at the same time, there were guys that wanted to win, and there were guys that did like to party.”

(Via PFT)