(Bob Leverone/AP)

And this week, his words included a call for Mike Shanahan to be fired, which might be the first time I’ve seen that call made, excluding any frothing sports-talk radio callers.

“Fire Mike Shanahan,” Cole said, as part of his three-part plan to help the Skins. “Look, I love Mike Shanahan and his history. I think he’s one of the great offensive minds in the history of the game, I think he’s a great playcaller. But I do not believe in guys winning a Super bowl one place and trying to recreate that magic somewhere else. I don’t think they have the energy, the emotion that it takes, the patience that it takes to really do that job. So Mike’s got to go, I’m sorry.”

I mean, no. That’s ridiculous. That’s everything that’s been wrong with the Redskins for a decade. But it’s still interesting that a national voice is calling for the coach’s head 23 games into his tenure.

Cole’s other suggestions include hiring a football-decision making executive who is not the head coach, and finding a legitimate NFL quarterback.

“Get a quarterback, get a quarterback, get a quarterback,” he actually said. “Stop trying to patchwork the most important position. Look around this division: you’ve got Eli Manning, while not maybe the greatest quarterback, he’s a Super Bowl winner and has a lot of talent. You’ve got Michael Vick out there, who’s a singular talent. You’ve even got Tony Romo, who’s a pretty good player, very good. Your quarterback’s not even close to any of those three guys. GET A QUARTERBACK.”

(Watch the video here.)