(Tony Gutierrez/AP)

Witten, too, has a weekly sports-talk radio show, and the hosts, as was only proper, asked him about the Cooley Romo matter.

“You know, My granddad taught me when I was younger if you don’t have anything good to say, just don’t say anything at all,” Witten said. “I probably shouldn’t say anything. But I don’t get that one. I really don’t.

“You know, Chris has been a good player for a long time. But to get to that point, I don’t see why that came up. But hey, look, you can’t worry about. Trust me, I know Tony doesn’t. That doesn’t affect him at all. It’s disappointing to see in some ways, but hey look, it’s part of the game and Chris has been a great player in this league for a long time. Just disappointing to see him say that. But that’s part of it.”

At which point, the hosts wisely pointed out that if grandpa Witten had a sports-talk radio show, he’d probably offer different advice.

“Yeah, exactly, exactly,” Witten laughed. “You’re exactly right. It kind of came out of left field for me. I didn’t really see that one coming so much.”

And then one of the hosts asked Witten if he knows and pals around with Cooley.

“Yeah, I know him,” Witten said. “Yeah, we’ve hung out a few times and played in the Pro Bowl a couple of times together. Nice guy, good guy, got a funny personality. You know, good guy. He’s been good for a long time, but that’s the way  it goes, man. That’s part of playing this game. And I don’t think you allow it to affect you one way or the other.”

Speaking of Romo, he didn’t respond to Cooley this week, but he did respond to his other prominent bye week critic, Deion Sanders.

“Deion is welcomed to his own opinion about stuff,” Romo said, via the Star-Telegram. “Deion is Deion. He is what he is. We’re going to go out here and we’re going to play good football. This team is going to win a Super Bowl at some point. It’s going to be exciting when that time comes. And when we look back, we’ll know who was on what side of the fence during those tough moments.”

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