Knowing full well that this is a hopeless request, I’d ask you to enjoy this video for what it is: John Wall showing that his name is stitched into his suit jacket, Hamady Ndiaye attempting to compete with a cashmere sweater, and JaVale McGee then blowing the Best Dressed competition away by entering with a hat, a swagger and several members of the dance team.

I mean, the kid definitely learned some showmanship at the dunk contest.

Of course, the Wizards got trashed on the court Tuesday night, leading to a soul-searching blog post from their owner. In part:

Last night’s game wasn’t fun for anyone. I agree. That was messy basketball. It was tough to watch but all a part of a necessary process. Being bad is the price you pay for becoming good in professional sports. Those words are tough to say but it is a truthful statement....

What we are doing isn’t pretty. Last night wasn’t fun. The pain and losses truly drive me and our staff to improve and rebuild quickly. I am a fan, too. I don’t like seeing our team lose like we did last night. But I believe in what we are doing. I see no other rational choice.

And in the meantime, you’re allowed to enjoy the Best Dressed contest.

(Via the Wizards’ awesome Facebook page, which describes this as the best Best Dressed competition of the season.)