“Thus concludes this edition of very JaVale videos,” my friend Jamie Mottram wrote this week, after publishing videos of JaVale McGee dunking a cookie into an 11-foot high bowl of milk, and JaVale McGee rolling around on the ground after getting hit in the private parts. “More soon, probably,” Jamie added.

And indeed, JaVale didn’t disappoint. Below, please find one of the most remarkable basketball plays of the season, wherein McGee waits until just before a looping shot approaches the rim before spiking it into the stands. The above screengrab, via Deadspin, indicates that the chances of a successful block ehre were quite slim.

“I think JaVale’s coming out,” Phil Chenier said moments later, and indeed, you can see Randy Wittman on the bench, frantically attempting to find someone to put into the game for McGee.

This will one day find its place in the season highlight reel, along with the self-alley-oop-blowout-loss dunk, and the sprint back on defense when his team had the ball. And if that makes me a hater, so be it.

(Via @JohnCTownsend)