(Nam Y. Huh/AP)

“I was sleeping, taking my pregame nap,” McGee said in an interview with HOOPSWORLD. “When I woke up, I found out that I had been traded. I had a bunch of text messages from different people and I talked to the team. I was shocked. I just asked, ‘When do I leave?’”

As the folks at Ball Don’t Lie point out, the pregame nap is a regular occurrence in the NBA, so we don’t fault him for snoozing. But it’s hard to believe that JaVale was “shocked” by the trade news. Anyone paying attention knew that a move was likely.

What’s easier to believe is that he’s happier in Denver than he was in Washington.

“This is a great organization,” McGee said. “There are a lot of hard-working people here and this organization gives their players everything they need.”

I don’t want to jump to conclusions and assume that this is a veiled jab at the Wizards, but I also wonder what the Denver is giving him that Washington didn’t. More cereal? A dedicated DJ room? Wins?

Ah, yes. Wins.

UPDATE: JaVale explains his nap...

Wen I got traded I was taking my pregame nap cuz if I didn’t get traded I woulda missed my nap and went to the game I had tired...

— Pierre McGee (@JaValeMcGee34) April 5, 2012