We’ve probably reached the point where JaVale McGee’s every move is scrutinized for possible inclusion in questionable basketball video reels. Like, this JaVale McGee compilation video has been a huge hit on the Internet this week — I can’t include it here, due to some bad language in the captioning, but it already has more than 32,000 views.

Still, new plays do keep cropping up. And at the risk of the four comments below that say we’re all being too mean to McGee, I might as well include them.

Above, please find McGee’s fast-break defense against Tim Duncan.

“This is the most anti- of JaVale McGee lowlights,” Kyle Weidie wrote. “How does he not even try to block Duncan?”

Then there was this play, below, where McGee was running the fast break and was hit in the face with a pass. That’s via @RecordsAndRadio.

If we branch out a bit, there was also Trevor Booker’s amazing alley-oop to McGee from Saturday night, seen here.

And then there was Jordan Crawford doing...something...against the Spurs. Watch here.