“A win is a win right now,” interim coach Randy Wittman agreed. “And we are happy,” Wittman said.

Did the Wizards play great? Well, that’s debatable.

“I got everybody hyped, and they showed it tonight,” Nick Young said, via The Post’s game story. “They played great. That’s our word, ‘Be great.’ ”

Is “Be Great” really a word? Also debatable, I suppose.

What’s not debatable is that the Internet’s favorite part of Monday’s game came on a sequence in which no points were scored, no fouls called and no cheers bestowed. Instead, it came when JaVale McGee missed a shot and then ran a suicide squeeze the length of the court to get back on defense. While his team still had the ball.

The animated version can be seen here; I will provide a few snapshots from this truly magical sequence.

UPDATE: Randy Wittman talks about McGee’s play.