Usually, media day is filled with stale answers and canned cliches.

But in the Twitter age, it can aspire to something grander.

Such was the case Thursday, when JaVale McGee posted this update after media day.

Oh and today I ran into diaper breath the reporter! Not sayin no names tho not really into embarrasing people! Although they luv to do it!

Turns out this wasn’t their first encounter. Last month, McGee posted this update:

Some of the media has some horrible breath! Not saying no names! But man! Diaper Breath ! -P

Gosh, who could it be? I wasn’t there on Thursday, so I’m out. Guesses are more than welcome.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how accusing a reporter of diaper breath meshes with Ted Leonsis’s recent assertion that McGee is “erudite and well-read and highly relevant,” I mean, duh. A non-erudite player would have used the phrase “poo poo breath the reporter.”

(Via Ball Don’t Lie, TweetHoop.)