Just another day in the life of Wizards center/D.C. performance artist JaVale McGee, whose season of surrealism will one day be studied in art schools and/or blogging symposiums.

Above, via @JohnCTownsend, please see video of the newest dunk craze sure to sweep the nation, the “throw the ball into the basket in a dunking fashion from a few feet away from the basket while using a hook shot technique” craze. It’s not the sort of basketball play you see every day, unless you’re a Wizards fan, in which case it’s the sort of basketball play you see every day.

Of course, McGee’s night didn’t end there. He also fouled Drew Gooden on a three-point attempt with one second left in the first half, and was then benched for the entire second half. You can watch Randy Wittman’s reaction to the foul here. It was intense.

“I’m done with young guys” as an excuse, Wittman later said, via Michael Lee. “If they don’t want to play the right way, young guys aren’t going to play. It does us no good. They’re not going to learn anything when they want to play the game the way they want to play. You get no development out of them....All they’re developing is bad habits. I went with guys who I knew were going to go out there and bust their rear ends.”