The Wizards’ young core is certainly finding ways to stay active on the Internet this offseason. Andray Blatche is tweeting fliers about Lapdance Tuesday. Nick Young is claiming soccer isn’t a real sport (although he later clarified that “i respect the hard work and the hours they put n, but im not about 2 go out my way 2 watch soccer im sorry i dnt care if its Man or woman). John Wall, much less egregiously, is sending out photos of himself in New York Rangers hats, despite being corporate cousins of the Caps.

And it turns out that JaVale McGee is getting into back-and-forth arguments with ESPN personalities about fashion or something like that.

This all started during the ESPYs, which is the perfect place for a Twitter fight between an ESPN personality and JaVale McGee to start. Wilbon wrote that McGee and Justin Bieber were the two worst-dressed men at the awards show: “awful, both of them,” he scoffed, while spelling Bieber’s name wrong. Then Wilbon said that at least Bieber was a worldwide star, unlike McGee.

And then Wilbon continued the screed after fans called him out, writing “Just dress up like an adult!” and “No beef...nothing against him at all...dress 4 the occasion!” and “Stop whining. Everybody here is dressed.”

Which, understandably, made the Wizards’ big man upset. And so he responded in the most natural way possible.

If you’ve forgotten, Pierre is McGee’s hilarious offseason alter-ego. He’ll tell you about how hilarious Pierre is, too, as in this recent Tweet:

“Seriously who is more creative than me on twitter... I have a alter ego and I refer to it in 3rd person... That’s funny.”

Yup. Funny. Almost as hilarious as suggesting that Michael Wilbon has women tendencies and might be gay.

(Via SB Nation)