But his appearance raised a few questions, which I’ll hereby attempt to answer.

Which team was he rooting for?

Well, everywhere-in-D.C. sports photographer Cheryl Nichols got the answer to that one and posted it on her Twitter feed.

Ran into Jayson Werth between periods again tonight. He wasn’t wearing #Caps shirt. Said he was, “Going neutral tonight.”

Very diplomatic.

Sure is. Philly blog Crossing Broad, where this image comes from, posted this message from a reader:

I sat in the same row as Werth at tonight’s Flyers game in DC. Thats his wife next to him. Very chill, and chatted with the fans around him. Pounded the glass when Caps scored in third period.

Does Werth have a history with the Flyers?

Indeed, two years ago he supported that vilest of franchises (to Caps fans) during its Stanley Cup run, wearing orange and sitting close to the action.

(Mark Goldman/Icon SMI)

Don’t buy it. Werth has a different companion in that shot, and completely different clothes. Including a Darth Vader jacket? Perhaps.

Turns out that was the same outfit Werth was photographed wearing two Saturdays ago, when the Caps hosted the Senators. Via Nats Enquirer. Plus, the photo had a Dec. 3 date on it.

So if Werth decides to rock the red against Canadian teams, but to wear neutral gray against teams he previously rooted for, that’s actually a pretty sensible decision. Well done, sir.