(Paul Sancya/AP)

“It,” of course, was Werth’s possibly maybe perhaps disappointing 2011 campaign, when he got paid giant sacks stuffed with money to hit a .232/.330/.389.

Werth, I’m guessing, wouldn’t mind if reporters stopped asking about 2011, since he’s over it, whatever. But reporters, it would seem, haven’t stopped asking. Thus, this dialog with WTOP’s Craig Heist.

Heist: I know last year for year wasn’t the kind of season you wanted, the numbers were not Jayson Werth-type numbers. How much did that weigh on you in the offseason heading into the spring, and obviously do you want to correct that?

Werth: You can look at it a number of ways. I’ll disagree with you a little bit: it wasn’t the type of year I wanted to have or whatever. But it happened, and you get past that, and that’s just part of the game. But all in all, it wasn’t a terrible year. A lot of things got changed around here. The organization’s going in the right direction. A lot of players that we’ve had are a year older, they got more experience. So I don’t look at it as a waste or anything like that. I think it was something to build on. And quite frankly, I’m tired of people looking at it like that and talking about it that way. So [I’ll] set the record straight: going in the right direction and looking forward to this year.

And now that the record has been set straight, no one will ask Jayson Werth about his sub-par 2011 stats, except for every single reporter doing a Jayson Werth in 2012 piece.